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How to Clean Bamboo Cooking Utensils We covered in our last blog post about using Bamboo Cooking Utensils and how bamboo is actually a strong grass-not a wood; a natural resource. Keep in mind that washing and taking care of these utensils are similar to taking care of wooden utensils. However, always remember they aren't one and the same! You can keep your bamboo utensils looking sparkly new by cleaning them and conditioning them as needed. TIPS on How to Clean Bamboo Cooking Utensils: *Refrain from washing anything bamboo in the dishwasher as the harsh detergents and heat can scorch our precious...

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Are Bamboo Cooking Utensils Good? I know that you've asked this question many times:  Are Bamboo Cooking Utensils Good? Are Bamboo Cooking Utensils Sanitary? You aren't alone. Many people struggle with these answers when they are so in love with their new Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set but they are unsure if these tools are safe or organic.  So we did you a great favor and looked to for the answer to your question! Why Should You Use Bamboo Kitchen Utensils via Healthy Cookware: The environmentally friendly features of bamboo are the main reason why bamboo kitchen utensils are becoming...

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